A Warm Welcome and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to you all, and Thank You for stopping by my brand-new little blog.

The aim of the blog is mainly for me to post material I’ve written, predominantly about extreme cinema from all over the globe, both past-and-present. If you’re into truly gut-muching, artery-gushing cinema, bad taste, no-taste, or just downright filthy movies, then I hope this place will have articles that prove to be of interest to you.

This is no ordinary blog. It’s a place where I can post my work, which will consist of journalism articles and reviews, rather than just short little titbits of information and gossip. I’m aiming to be more highbrow than Empire but slightly less cerebral than Sight And Sound. Hopefully – in that fine-line that lies between the two – is where this blog will sit.

One final thing: this site will contain some adult-oriented material. It is aimed at adults, and people looking for a mature read about mature films. If you’re under 18, then you probably shouldn’t be here. Nonetheless, if you are here, then you read my content of your own, free will, and I will not be held responsible, if the content you find here offends or upsets you in some way. If you want morally-safe articles, go read the Daily Mail as this isn’t the place for you!

A Warm Welcome and a Happy New Year!

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