The English Defence League – Or how to become Internationally-Reknowned For Being Thick!

Hello Everyone,

I simply couldn’t pass this chance up to post a link to an amazing video clip that is doing the rounds this weekend, courtesy of the English Defence League (EDL). I’m not a supporter of the EDL, and this clip has nothing at all to do with extreme cinema in any way, shape or form, but it’s priceless!

For those who don’t know, the EDL are a group of white, heterosexual men who have formed a semi-political action group that aims to keep Great Britain “British”. The problem is, that most of their members are socially-inept, morons who have neither the brain-cells to understand what their aim is, or to even comprehend what being “British” actually entails. They hate any non-Whites, and hate “outsiders”, that is, foreigners: Jewish, Muslim, Blacks, etc, etc. Their hate-list is long and extensive.

Essentially, they want, like the British National Party (BNP), to keep Britain for whites! Now, unlike the BNP, the EDL aren’t seen or viewed as anything more than an irritant. Their membership numbers aren’t massive, and like many groups of their kind, other then when they protest – for protest read, cause a lot of racial tension and unrest, because of EDL hooliganism – they’re not really an issue.

Anyway, enjoy the clip: it’s work-safe, and contains nothing remotely offensive, crude or even vaguely naughty! It’s an EDL supporter demonstrating his incredible skill of why the EDL hate Muslims, but in a way that demonstrates why the EDL are ultimately a joke!

I shall be back soon, where I will be discussing the constantly shocking world of “Pornography”, in my next post, looking at the rights and wrongs of the industry, the legal issues about use and ownership of porn, and examining if pornography is really the great disease of the 21st Century! See you back here!

The English Defence League – Or how to become Internationally-Reknowned For Being Thick!

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