Argentine Shocker Due for UK DVD Release!

Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and the rather amazing weather we’re currently relishing over the majority of the UK. (Apologies, of course, to all pollen-sufferers!)

I’ve been notified that the old-VHS/DVD company Redemption Films is making a comeback this year, and one of their first releases, will be of the Argentinian rape/revenge flick NO MORIRE SOLA / I’LL NEVER DIE ALONE (Adrian Garcia Bogliano, 2008).

Supposedly more controversial than titles like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (Meir Zarchi, 1978 and/or Steven R Monroe, 2010) or IRREVERSIBLE (Gaspar Noe, 2002), Bogliano’s movie is an exceptionally violent thriller set in the La Plata region of Argentina, (actually the capital city of the Province of Buenos Airesa): a desolate, outback place, and deals with the shockingly vile revenge dealt out by a group of three young women, after a girl is left dying on the roadside and the three women attempt to rescue her. Not long after, they all find themselves being raped and attacked by three savage men, deprived of all morality, but survive the ordeal. Afterwards, the women head-out for revenge, at any costs!

The  IMDB  doesn’t rate it more than 5/10, but then it only has four reviews listed, all differing quite wildly in their praise/loathing for the movie. Other information is surprisingly scarce, so until this gets shown at a few film festivals, I’m afraid all I can offer is the trailer, shown below, which certainly peeks my interest, although the film has yet to be considered by the BBFC. Therefore any release is yet to be determined, despite Amazon claiming a street-date of June 2011. Still, if this does get passed uncut in the UK, or gets an uncut and English-subtitled friendly release anywhere else, I for one, will certainly be reviewing it for this blog.

Those of you waiting for Part 3 of my pornography article, it’s coming soon! See you back here soon, my little gorehounds!

Argentine Shocker Due for UK DVD Release!

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