Welcome back everyone.

I need to offer you all my apologies, as it’s been nearly a month, and I’ve not been able to post anything online. I’ve just moved into a new flat, (with all the chaos and problems that ensue during such an ordeal), and have started a new part-time job as a waiter too. (It’s not much, but it brings in a little bit of money!)

On top of all of this, I don’t have internet access at all, other than at a local library! For my own security, I won’t mention where in the UK this actually is, but they have that horrible Symantec “Nazi” software installed on it, preventing users from accessing anything even remotely risky, subversive or controversial. As such, even my own blog can’t always be accessed! Mores the pity! (These librarians don’t know what they’re missing!)

Until I can get this sorted, I’m afraid posts will not be as frequent as I would have hoped (at least once a month), but if you will all bear with me, it would be very greatly appreciated. I am not abandoning this blog, nor any of the 200+ people who are reading it, so please don’t think that you aren’t all very important to me.

The third part of my report and analysis on Pornography will be online in due course… at some point, I promise!

Lastly, to the miserable —- who keeps posting comments about “Free Viagra” and “Chialis Pills”, can you kindly go immolate yourself?! I’m sure you’re just a damned spambot, in which case none of this part will ever be read by you, but I don’t need your crap filling-up my lovely little blog, thank you very much!

To leave you all on a high, I am posting a trailer for a classic horror movie, Brian Yuzna’s lovely little gore flick RE-ANIMATOR (Brian Yuzna, 1985), which I adore! If anyone knows where I can obtain the original soundtrack from, I would be very much obliged if you’d get in touch with me, via this blog. Enjoy the trailer, and I’ll see you all again soon…


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