New Arthouse Shocker Expected To Be Banned!


A new film is due to be entering the hallowed halls of the BBFC very, very soon, called THE BUNNY GAME (2010, Adam Rehmeier), that is likely to cause extreme controversy.

A 76-minute, black-and-white, art/horror film, about a prostitute who – whilst looking for money for her next meal – is picked-up by a psychotic truck driver, driven out into the middle of the desert, and subsequently tortured.

Whilst this doesn’t in and of itself sound that horrific, the problem comes with the fact, that everything the prostitute – actress and co-writer Rodleen Getsic – has occur to her, was done for real! And as the film starts out with a very strong scene of fellatio, and moves on to attempted suffocation, whipping, real beatings, a branding and forced-feeding/drinking, I’m wondering whether the BBFC will tolerate this film in its entireity, or simpy reject it.

According to the  Melonfarmers  website…

There are no stunts. No fake prosthetics. Rodleen underwent tremendous personal prep to take on this role, transforming her body, fasting for 40-plus days, prior to shooting. She takes a real brand, and some very real beatings. None of these people are actors.

When such material appears in pornography, the BBFC tend to censor it, on the grounds that consent is not shown or depicted, and as this film appears to depict real cruelty, (in spite of the actress being physically ok), it’s going to be difficult to cite the film under artistic merit, when the main aim appears to be for the audience to enjoy, or gain pleasure, in the woman’s punishments.

Bearing in mind that THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II: FINAL SEQUENCE (2011, Tom Six) has just been Rejected by the BBFC on similar grounds, I forsee a new ban on the horizon.

For those who wish to see what the fuss is all about, the trailer for “The Bunny Game” can be viewed below. The content may offend some viewers… but then you wouldn’t be reading this blog, if you weren’t interested in this kind of film in the first place! Still, I caution you!

New Arthouse Shocker Expected To Be Banned!

3 thoughts on “New Arthouse Shocker Expected To Be Banned!

  1. ///never in this film are you to ENJOY what is happening to RODLEEN /// you'd have to be MAD to enjoy it! /// it is a cautionary tale on the dangers of taking rides with strangers ///


  2. Thank You for your comments, but I never said that this film was to be “enjoyed”.

    In fact, I don't comment on whether people should “like” or “dislike” this film, in any manner at all. I purely stated that the film was due to be banned by the BBFC – which it was – and could be of interest to the readers of this blog – which it absolutely would be.


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