An Apology For My Absence…

To all my fellow blog-readers from around the globe,

As you will have noticed, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted much, and you’re probably all wondering where on earth I’ve been, or at least “What the hell’s Pooch been up to?”!

I’m afraid I’ve been extremely ill, with a severe chest infection, and chronic cough too. Basically, I’m not a healthy little doggy at the moment.

However, I haven’t forgotten you, nor the Cinema-Extreme Blog, and once I’m back up to full strength again, I will be returning with more articles, features and other in-depth materials, including the fourth part of my article on pornography.To give you a taste of things to come, you can look forward too:

– “Extremely Blu: Extreme Cinema Titles on Blu-Ray”

– “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later!” – an investigation into Cannibal Holocaust’s controversial history

– “Looking Forward. Going Back”, which will look into why Hollywood is so keen on remaking classic horrors from yesteryear.

For now, though, I must retire back to my bed, for some more rest and recuperation. I promise I shall return!

Thank You for your patience and understanding!

An Apology For My Absence…

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