Thank You All, We’ve Hit 3000!


So, despite my little blog on the Web being text-heavy, and not your usual kind of blog (that is, it’s not a diary, but more of a film journal), we’re reached over 3000 individual hits over 18 months!

Our last target – 1000 – was hit in January 2012, and in just another six months, we’ve had a 200% increase in audience. And my, what a great audience we have! As expected, the majority of my audience is from the United Kingdom. Yet, we also reach people in:
– the U.S.A.
– Germany
– Russia
– Mexico
– Australia
– Canada
– France
– Thailand, and
– Belgium!

That’s pretty impressive, in my eyes, and I want to offer-up a big THANK YOU to all of you for reading my work, and standing with me. I genuinely appreciate each and every single one of you who visits, moreso when my blog is – as I’ve said – not like many others. (Text-heavy works tend to get a smaller audience, but maybe – in this case – the difference is what is so refreshing to you all.) It’s an even more amazing statistic, I think, when people in some of those countries, won’t have English as their first or even second language. For someone not used to the English vernacular, and spending time reading something not in their home or main language, and which is often over a thousand words long, it makes the 3000-plus visits even more stunning!

Anyway, it’s nice to see my work being read all over the globe. Three-thousand hits may be a comparatively small figure in the world of the Internet, especially when many blogs and sites can hit six or seven-figure hits, but it’s impressive for me nonetheless. People actually reading what I write, and taking an interest in my work, is something I value greatly. So thank you everyone.

In addition to the new Menu System mentioned in my previous post, I’ve also enabled the Mobile version of this site, to appear in a much simpler, more basic fashion. For those of you who view this site on your smartphone (iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, Android’s, etc), you will now see a pared-down, simplified version of this site, that should load-up quicker, and be a little less hassle to read. Let me know what you think, and whether you prefer this version, or if you’d prefer me to go back to having the site appear how it does on a desktop web browser.

I shall be back soon, with some more great articles for you to all indulge in. Until then, I wish you all the best, for health, wealth and happiness.

Thank You All, We’ve Hit 3000!

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