Fancy A Quick Bite To Eat?

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An interesting new zombie flick from Taiwan, set in the aftermath of the recent Japanese Tsunami and Nuclear power plant meltdown (eek!), has just made its way into UK stores. Known as both Z-108: ABANDONED CITY and ZOMBIE 108 (2011, Joe Chien), the film follows as a vapour cloud full of radioactive chemicals makes its way toward the Taiwan capital: a crime-ridden and impoverished district. People soon begin to die in various nasty manners, but immediately become resurrected as flesh-eating zombies. The Taiwan government tries to quarantine the area, and a battle ensues between the few remaining humans and the ever-growing horde of zombies/infected persons.

Here’s the trailer for you to get a taste!

Whilst this film is far from original, happily taking material from numerous other end-of-the-world movies and zombie/cannibal flicks, this is a fun if silly little film, with just enough gore to keep the horrorhounds amongst you happy, whilst still being interesting enough to warrant your hard-earned money.

As is common in many J-Horror films of recent years, the gore is pretty bloody, and some of the sexualised violence leaves a nasty taste in the mouth – no pun intended – but with an 18 certificate here in the UK, and a BBFC note that the 83 minute film Contains strong sexualised violence, sexual images and gore, you know what to expect.

The film is currently available from for the tidy sum of £11, and includes around 30 minutes of extras, including a “Making Of”, and some trailers.

If you fancy something nice-and-neat to tide you over, during the recent bad weather or the endless televised sport that’s on all of the main TV networks at the moment, then this may just do the trick.

Fancy A Quick Bite To Eat?

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