BBFC Podcast Numbers Six And Seven

Hello All,

A short update for you, with two more BBFC Podcasts for you to indulge your aural fantasies in.

Podcast 6 deals with the classification issues surrounding children’s films, or films with specific appeal to children – not necessarily the same thing. You can download it, by Right Clicking Here and saving the 40mb MP3 file.

Podcast 7, meanwhile, deals specifically with the 15 certificate: how films and TV series receive this rating, versus a 12, 12A, or even an 18. The issue of piracy and copyright is also examined. Download the 33mb MP3 file by simply Right Clicking Here.

Just one final issue: I apologise for recent technical display issues, where fonts haven’t appeared correctly in some browsers, or fonts are not consistent. I’m not sure exactly what the problem was, but hopefully most of the problems have now been fixed. I will be back soon, with more news, reviews and commentary on extreme cinema. Till then, I hope you are all in good health.

BBFC Podcast Numbers Six And Seven

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