With Thanks: We’ve Hit 10,000 Views!


My little blog has now hit over 10,000 views! I am so pleased with this, and want to Thank all of you who visit here, whether it’s regularly, occasionally, or even if it’s just your first time here.

I’ve had accusations that my blog could be improved by having more up-to-date reviews, previews, and including interviews with people in the horror industry. That is not what my blog is about, and never has been about. My blog is absolutely NOT about promoting the latest or newest horror films. Any DVD or Blu-Ray I review, I’ve either bought a copy from a high-street or online retailer with my own cash, or have paid to see at a cinema. I am wholly independent from anyone, and no film company will ever be able to “buy” a positive or favourable review from me, no matter what!

Nor am I here to do PR work for any company, relating to any extreme cinema movie, via interviews with cast members, directors, producers or staff who work behind the camera, just for them to try and sell their wares. At least not for the most part. (I may still promote an occasional film, here-and-there, if I think it will be of interest to my readers, but only if I choose too.) There are better blogs, better sites and better publications than my humble little corner of the Web, if that is the kind of thing you seek. I do not, nor have I ever tried to be, like those organisations. I am not the person for that area of journalism.

I aim to be very different.

This blog of mine, is predominantly for lengthy articles, that I feel will be of interest to people in the area of extreme cinema. Whether you be a film fan, a collector, a film-maker, a student or graduate, someone who works in the film or horror industry, or something else entirely. Sometimes, those articles may have no relation to extreme cinema at all. However, they may well be loosely and indirectly related, via the themes of censorship, the law or other similar areas, which many horror fans will still hopefully find of interest. What I am, is an individual for whom articles in the 3000-5000 word range, is the norm. I want to get into subjects in detail. Sometimes those articles will be opinionated. Sometimes, hyperbolic even. But all of my articles should be there to make you think and reconsider things. They are aimed at the more intelligent horror fans: the people who don’t want to simply read about what latest remake Hollywood is spending millions, or which actress is starring in some glossy, new, but ultimately vacuous, haunted house movie. I aim for a more discerning and specialist clientele, and I make no apologies for that. People who aren’t frightened or put-off by long articles. People who may well have been to university, and done Master’s degrees or PHD’s even. I strive to be more cerebral than most average movie magazines, but not as clinical or challenging as something like Sight And Sound magazine – see here. Somewhere between the two is where I try to bed myself.

Since I started this blog on New Year’s Eve 2010, I’ve written about 60 articles, covering the history of pornography (which I know I need to finish, and I will… eventually), through to the absurd laws of censorship in Australia, to whether a film can ever go too far in its depiction of violence and gore. I’ve also stirred up controversy by attacking certain labels for their poor work and shoddy products, but at the same time, had contact from low-budget British film-makers and university graduates (you know who you are) who enjoy my work and have contacted me in confidence, to say as such.

I don’t write to get large numbers of readers. I know that 10,000 views these days, is mere peanuts. It’s nothing. Some blogs get that number of hits, each week. It’s taken my blog two-and-a-half-years to get to that number, so I am under no illusion about this tiny, but not insignificant figure. My writing is primarily for me. It’s the kind of article I would like to read about. However, I do hope that what I write is also enjoyable and thought-provoking enough to be of interest to others too. And clearly, it is. For those of you who visit my little corner of the Web, I just want to say a huge great Thank You. Without you folks, all of these meanderings, would be worthless.

Cheers to each and every single one of you, and here’s to the next milestone!

With Thanks: We’ve Hit 10,000 Views!

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