Twenty Thousand Hits And Counting!

Welcome Everyone,

Just a quick update for you all, and a Thank You to everyone too, because today, we’ve surpassed 20,000 hits!

In June 2012, I hit just 3000, after 18 months of being online. By May 2013, I’d trebled that to 10,000. And now, in October 2013, I’ve doubled that figure again, to over 20,000 hits.

I started this blog on 1st Jan 2011. I didn’t expect it to amount to much, but here we are almost three full years later, and I’m proud to say that my articles are being read, as well as occasionally being linked-to by other sites. I’m getting feedback and comments from readers, which I really do appreciate very much. And whilst I don’t update this blog as much as I would like too, I hope that what I post, rather than when I post, makes it more worthwhile. After all, I think there’s nothing worse, than internet articles that say nothing and do nothing, such as  this  article about collecting films, and why it’s wrong.

It’s a pointless article, that does nothing except show up the two authors who seem to think that because you do something that they dislike, they feel that it’s acceptable to demean the very people who read their work. Way-to-go guys!

I may have strong views. You folks may disagree with some, any or all of what I write, but I hope that none of my articles actually demean anyone in my online audience.

For now, I bid you a short farewell. I will be back shortly, and when I return, I’ll be doing a review of another cult and controversial film. Be seeing you!

Twenty Thousand Hits And Counting!

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