A Small Bit Of News


Just a quick bit of news today: those of you who chose not to buy the Synapse DEMONS and DEMONS 2 Steelbooks reviewed last year on my blog at  here  and  here  will be pleased to know that standard Blu-Ray editions will be out in November 2014, for a much lower price than the Steelbooks cost.

However, please be aware of the following changes.

– Both releases will only include their English language/English dubbed soundtracks. There will be NO Italian with English Subtitles option.
– There WILL be English subtitles for the Deaf/Hard Of Hearing for the English soundtracks on both films, for those who need them.
– All of the extras have been deleted. The only extra you’ll get across either film, will be some trailers.
– These new releases will still be Region A locked for the Blu-Rays, and Region 1 locked for the DVD releases, so please check you can play such discs, before purchase.

I’ll be back soon with another couple of intriguing articles and a review on a Greek shocker as well.

A Small Bit Of News

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